Reasoning behind Microsoft release schedule

Windows XP SP2 Delayed Until Late 2004

Posted by michael on Tuesday August 19, @08:05AM
from the day-late-and-dollar-short dept.
Aiua writes “BetaNews is reporting that Microsoft has pushed back the release date for the second Windows XP service pack to the third quarter of 2004 without giving any reasons.” Update: 08/19 12:52 GMT by M: Another article claims it will be out three months earlier , no later than June 2004.

Why is it that it will have taken Microsoft close to three years to come up with a revision of their operating system and more than that (more or less likely to be released in 2005) to release an entirely new OS?

In comparison Apple has been known to release a new (and almost total revision) operating system. Last year Apple released Jaguar (OS X 10.2) in and around September and they are prepared to release Panther (OS X 10.3) by the end of this year.

It seems to me that Microsoft is so busy trying to add as many bugs to their OS, realizing that the customers are at their mercy, and know that they “don’t” provide a quality OS so people will be forced to buy the upgrade packs and give even more money to Bill Gates.