Jelly Belly Craziness

Don’t you just love those Jelly Belly jelly beans?? I do all, all 50+ flavors. Ok, Ok… so I haven’t tried all 50, probably no even half of that, but I honestly want to. My parents bought me an assortment of flavors for my Mexico mission trip I went on recently and I’m addicted. Plus, what makes this worse, this is the first time in my knowledge that I’ve had them.
Now, to be honest I was a little disappointed when I first had them. On the bag they have nifty “recipes” (Classic and New) that you combine individual jelly beans to make concoctions, such as strawberry milkshakes, cherry Dr. Peppers, and “Mango Tango Salsa” to name just a few. To create these, however, you need a nice variety of beans… (Just a little more than I had in Mexico.) So, I am headed to a local candy store here in town tomorrow in the hopes that they have what I need. Let’s hope I can find enough to make a batch of a Sizzlin’ Caramel Watermelon French Banana Split I found off of this external web site.