“The New-New Coke”

C2 CokeFrom Reuters => LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Coca-Cola Co. on Monday unveiled C2, a soft drink with less than half the calories and carbohydrates of the original Coke and an ad campaign pitched at followers of trendy Atkins-style diets.

Coke uncapped its new drink, which features the iconic red label with black lettering instead of the traditional white, at a glitzy Hollywood event co-hosted by “American Idol” stars Ryan Seacrest and Paula Abdul.

C2 will hit U.S. store shelves in June, just ahead of rival PepsiCo Inc., which said on Monday that it would launch its own lower carbohydrate soda in mid-June.

Tim B. => This is so stupid… Like I said in my previous post the low carb craze is way out of control. It seems that companies think that consumers are gullible to get into this low carb thing when it’s bad for you to miss out on the carbs. The sad thing is a lot of people are looking for a quick fix and the companies are supplying this misconception at an alarming rate!!