Apple innovation: Safari at the helm

Apple's Safari web browserI recently read an article written by John Allsop on the the downfall of web standards. Microsoft has said that if you want innovation, don’t look at them. This basically allows only a select few web browsers to spawn innovation in today’s market. In my opinion, as well as the article’s, the choice is obvious: Apple’s Safari.
From the article: >>>>Have you used Safari for Windows?
Do you have iTunes on their Windows machine?
Literally millions of people use a big chunk of Safari on Windows. It’s the browser built into iTunes. It works today.
So arguably the quickest, most standards compliant browser around, which by the way is based on the open source KHTML rendering engine, is available right now on Windows. And to use iTunes, you need to use it. Apple contributes to the KHTML project, so many of its innovations will find their way into that browser. On the Mac, Windows and UNIX variants.
Apple, along with KHTML, Opera and Mozilla, may have two or three years to innovate on the browser front, without any competition from Microsoft.
And Apple might just have found the killer app to drive people to adopt a new, lightweight, fast, open source based, standards-compliant multi-platform browser – mainstream commercial online music.
We can only hope to see Safari for Windows, and maybe other platforms. And with it thriving browser innovation based on the open standards of the World Wide web.

Tim B. >>>
My BOTTOM LINE : the only way in today’s world for good web innovation is for Apple to officially port Safari to Windows and give MS a run for their $$.
I highly reccomend the full article for a very interesting read.