Army Baptism

Army baptismI was going through some desktop items I have stored for awhile and I found this image that I received in the days following the war in Iraq. I tried in vain to locate the email this came in and on the net for who took this photo. the email talked about this person had been baptized with others in his unit leading up to the war in Iraq.

For the record: This photo is not mine and I do not claim to own it in any way, shape or form.

Anyway… I find this photo to be interesting because it sort of represents the trials of going to war. For me, it drives home the point that war is an awful place to go and we should be lucky that we have people in our country willing to fight for our freedom.

Baptism is important whether or not you are in a difficult situation. Through baptism we are born again as a follower and disciple of Christ and agree to abide in him. Our commitment to Christ through baptism affirms that we will lead our lives in a Christ-like war. This is important in a war situation because soldiers should keep in mind the way Christ lived and acted and pledge to fight only a just war and nothing in the realm of cruelty.