Double Jeopardy

From The News York Post: June 26, 2004 — ANSWER: He has been an unstoppable ” Jeopardy! ” champion.
Question: Who is Ken Jennings?
Jennings fought to another victory — but just barely — last night, bringing his consecutive-night “Jeopardy!” winning streak to 18 and his total winnings to $601,760.

T.B.: This is amazing since I had a hard enough time participating in the Brain Games (see earlier post), which I hate to say that the “Paper Cutters” did not fare so well in the second round of. Let’s just say our opponent performed a “shock and awe” campaign on our team — not pretty.

I have a lot of information in me, I just can’t spout it off quick enough!! that’s not bad earning that much in just 18 nights. I need that kind of $$ for college.