DVD Madness…

Right on the heals of my big post on the Sony Blu-Ray DVD and my DVD rant piece comes word from slashdot on a competing technology to Blu-ray called HD DVD 1.0. According to an article from Extreme Tech this competing technology is remarkedly similar to that of Blu-Ray and is supported by some of Sony’s competitors. (naturally)

I only fear that instead of doing the industry any good, this extreme bitterness and competitiveness will only hurt the consumers in the long run and make for a new generation of personal home DVD players that will not support all variations. Through this fierce battle, companies are forgetting about their true guage of success: the customers and NOT the company stock price. By participating and choosing sides both sets of companies will inevitably alienate some of its customers.

It is good however to note in the Extreme Tech article that it mentions that some electronics companies are remaining agnostic in the battle of DVD players and are supporting both technologies, at least for now. All companies should support competing technologies in the beginning and then they should use customer focus groups to determine the best technology that customers will be drawn.

I know what I am suggesting is dream world material, but Why can’t everybody just get along??