DVD Standards

I ran across this article on the internet this morning, which got me to thinking about something.
DVD burning is becoming more popular but what most people don’t know is that DVD burning is not universal like CD burning. There are different types of DVD players/burners which means that not all burnt DVDs will work with al the players. For example, I recently ot a burned DVD from a friend who made a year in review DVD of a college group I’m in. I popped into my other friend’s computer and it play fine, but when I went to play in my computer I realized that the person who burnt it did so on DVD+R drive and not a DVD-R drive like I have. This basically means that as companies are trying to find the brand of burner that will eventually dominate the market they are cheating consumers out of compatibility. Granted, drives probably exist that burn to both formats but why do I need one of those when I can SHOULD be able to burn and read the same on any DVD burner??
The computer companies need to get together and settle their differences and try to keep the CUSTOMERS who pay their salaries in mind!!!