I don’t believe this

When my brother and I left the theater Sunday afternoon, after seeing Dodgeball, we joked about how funny it would be if teams started forming of adults playing the sport. Weel, it has happened (already) and I can’t laugh because I am in disbelief.

According to FoxNews.com: Meanwhile, the Game Show Network recently unveiled  “Extreme Dodgeball,” (search ) a tournament with a $10,000 prize. And adult dodgeball leagues are already forming across the country. “There are two types of people — those who love it and those who are terrified of it,” Jon Chase, founder and commissioner of the United States Dodgeball Association, told the New York Post.

It is amazing that GSN has actually done this. Not only that, but the infamous Jerri Manthey from Survivor is the “sideline reporter”.

For once in my life I am at a loss for words!!