Japanese know how – part 2

I was looking through the rest of the article on the $5,000 toilet and I found some interesting rarities.
Among them was a mention that Sony is leading a goup that is deveoping a high-definition DVD (Blu-ray discs) that can hold 54 gigabytes of data compared to the normal 10 gigs of a current DVD. Although the price for these, when released, will be staggering at first Imagine how much this impact the DVD:
Maybe you would be able to fit the ENTIRE LOTR (Lord Of The Rings) extended edition DVD set on one disc. I believe it currently takes over five disks to complete the set (YES, I said FIVE DVDs).
It should be noted that in the article, there are more than Japanese companies/products listed. This article is a summary of what the Wall Street Journal reviewed.
It is definitely a MUST READ!!!