Out of Thin Air

Airport ExpressFrom the Apple Missionary file:
From Apple: AirPort Express with AirTunes redefines the way you listen to your music at home. It gives you the freedom to play your iTunes music through your stereo or powered speakers in virtually in any room of your house — wirelessly. It lets you enjoy the tremendous flexibility of iTunes without being bound to your Mac or PC, opening up a whole new world of musical enjoyment.
T.B.: This SO cool. Once again Apple Computers has given the computer world something to really talk about. Airport Express is a small device that plugs into your computer and a wall socket and can access a Wi-Fi signal. In addition you can plug this into your stereo system and have the ability to broadcast your iTunes playlist wirelessly from your computer or laptop straight into the stereo. AP E also has the ability to transfer any internet connection into a wireless signal that could be picked up by a laptop, say in a hotel room, maybe??