Shrek 2 Review

I believe it has been nearly two weeks since I saw Shrek 2 in the theaters and I believe the time is right to share some information to your about this movie. I found this movie to be interesting in the fact that they (the studio, Dreamworks) realized that they would have to build a better sequel, than the first one, due to the widespread popularity of the first movie. They did this so well, that I tend to follow the voice of the critics in the media: This sequel could be the only movie that has turned up to be better than the original.
Of course, the popular fairy tale bashing has returned and to everybody’s enjoyment the gingerbread man has an increased presence in this sequel. Additionally, this movie sort of bashes the high society of Hollywood. I specially love the cameo voiceover of Joan Rivers who “plays” herself in a scene that paints an “Oscar’esque” feeling to the mood.
We are introduced to several new characters including, Fiona’s parents, the ugly stepsister, and (my favorite) “Puss in Boots”. Without giving away to many details Puss in Boots is voiced by Antonio Banderas AND seems to making a crack at Zorro himself.
Ironic that AB is the voiceover?? I think not !!
Bottom Line: Go watch it in the theater. It will surely be worth the $4-$10 that one must shell out for a movie ticket. I was wondering if this would be a good movie, but I was shell-shocked when I realized that the sequel was actually better than the original. I am planning on seeing it again in the theater if the opportunity arises. The songs in the movie definitely fit in like the last movie and still have the upbeat, foot-tapping, smile-creating effects like the first.
Don’t take my opinion for it, form your own today!!

I intentionally left out details, because I, like the next guy, hate when critics are wording and ruin the movie. Critics determine what the masses watch. I don’t. I’ll always let you decide, without me telling you what to think!!