Site News

Yesterday, something funky was going on with the pLoG and we lost all the comments that had been made up to that point. It should be fixed now, and updating on the pLoG will commence in the next few days.
It has come to my attention that some browsers may not pick up the side bar with certain screen resolutions. Particularly, IE and 800 x 600. If there are any incompatibilities please post a reply to this thread. If you have this problem all you need to do is scroll down and it’s lumped at the bottom of the page. I’m formulating a total redesign of the site that will hopefully address those issues.
On the new design, hang with me these next few weeks and by the end of the summer I promise an awesome new setup. I want to get started this weekend and may post a couple of early screenshots on Sunday or Monday. I also plan on submitting Bogopolis to some search engines after the redesign.
Last night was stressfulf or me, so that’s why there weren’t many updates tonight, but tomorrow hopefully it will be a different case.
In the meantime, happy blogging…