The Infamous Prince of Wales (and his “trust fund”)

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Tim Bogus has stepped into the blogging world of royalty. From now on will be dedicated to the latest dirt on Great Britain’s “favorite” prince, Prince Charles.

I’M JUST JOKING…. If that day ever happens somebody, please, admit me to the funny farm…

Seriously, though… I have been looking for quite some time how I could blog about Prince Charles just because there’s so much to talk about but you have to worry about having tact in a blog I want to keep clean.

After reading an article on Prince Charles and his “lady friend” I discovered something interesting about our ally (Great Britain) across the lake. Evidently they have a trust fund of sorts setup to fund the next heir to the throne. What it is, is basically what amounts to an investment company, from which the Prince of Wales keeps all profits. They deal mainly in real estate and other transactions that provide a substantial income for the future King of England. The “Duchy of Cornwall”, as it is called is valued at around 357 million British pounds, which translates to roughly $649.5 million in US currency.

If you are looking for an interesting read, check out this offical website or this Brainy Encyclopedia Entry on the Duchy of Cornwall.