Three simple words.

Boycott Internet Explorer.

That is the only conclusion I could come to after getting fustrated with the program for the second time in a week. Evidentally my webiste ( will not view properly in IE 6.0 for Windows. (all other versions seem to work) If you are using IE 6.0 to view this you may notice the right bar contains only the calendar on the right side of the screen. If you want to see the other elements you must scroll all the way down to the bottom to see them. At first I thought this was operating system failure, but I downloaded Mozilla and it appears the way it should.

I am not one to say rash things, but why did M$ make an intentionally bad product… They have said time and time again that they have no intention of being innovators or adhering to globally recognized world wide web markup standards set forth by the W3. The W3 has nutured along web standards since the beginning. It is truly a shame to see the leading internet browser company say goodbye to internet standards, thus forcing web deisgners like me to choose between being compatible with the leading browser or adhering to industry standards.

It can only be one or the other the way M$ has set it up. A TRUE shame.

I for one will be forced to decide in the near future what to do. it is very plausible that I will have to “dumb down” my creative designs that adhere to industry standards just so it can be viewed by one version of a stubborn browser made by a inconsiderate and ruthless company.

What a shame.