As Seen On the Net

Welcome to the first installment of ASON: “As Seen On the Net”

In today’s edition, we have food, animals, movies, and $$$:

  • Donkey Elected Mayor of Colorado Town – Only in America do people have the “intuition” to elect an animal as a mayor (Real event, fake election)
  • DVD “ATMs” – In Singapore, a revolutonary machine allows individuals to rent DVDs straight from a ATMesque kiosk.
  • Frito vs. America – Frito Lay can’t use test taste testimony… I could care less if Frito Lay says it’s better, I only care about what I think about their taste.
  • Money doesn’t grow on Google trees – Google’s stock IPO will be between $108 – $135 when it’s sold at an online auction… So much being “for the people” like they promised a few months ago.