Bite of the Apple

A couple interesting stories came out in the past 24 hours regarding Apple and its music empire:

iPod universal remote

Engadget has an interesting read on how to make your iPod have universal remote functionality. This is SO cool. It’s amazing what you can do with an iPod…

As the “old” saying goes: “This isn’t your grandma’s iPod, sonny…” (Ok, that was a little corny, but work with me!!)

Music To Go

Also on the Apple menu today, is an official announcement from Apple Co. It regard an alliance they have forged with Motorola regarding their next-gen music moblie phones. When these phones are released in the first half of next year, they will feature Apple iTunes as the default music player. It is unclear how people will listen to their songs…

This sounds really interesting, just for the fact that legal downloads have found a place in the mainstream digital market. Once again, time has shown that innovation and smart thinking is part of Apple’s longterm strategy. (Now only if they’ll get the next iMac out!!)

This is also interesting, because many people thought that the Apple-Motorola relationship was on the rocks after the production of Apple’s line of computer processors was shifted from Motorola to IBM in the past couple of years… For awhile, Motorola produced Apple’s entire line of computer processing chips.