Book mixup

Anyway… I had this genius idea, right??

I thought I would beat the rush and order my books for the coming school year through the Internet, so I wouldnt have to face the crowds come August when school starts…

I go the books in today, already having this sinking feeling that they were going to mess up the order somehow… I was right!! They gave me and charged for a book that I didn’t even order. Granted this was a book I was planning on buying anyway, it’s just that I didn’t need it for the fall semester. Additionally, I didn’t get any books for one of my classes!!

I couldn’t believe it… How could it be nearly a month before school starts and they don’t have any books for this one class!?!?!?!?!?!? I know for a fact that teachers had to submit their book desires sometime in late April. They’ve had nearly two and 1/2 months to order those books and get them stocked. Heaven forbid some students try to plan ahead and beat the semester rush on books!!

At least I got a free VU t-shirt. 🙂