DVD Competition: 0 Winners – 1 Loser

You all know all how I feel about DVD standards

So the news that Microsoft has chosen to support the HD DVD format in its new OS, Longhorn, shouldn’t elicit any surprise reaction.

Granted, I know that companies have to take a side eventually in the format wars and pray that theirs outbeats the competition, but I just don’t know why consumers have to be the losers in the short run in the format wars. Companies spend so much money on research that you would think that they would understand that consumers want to do the same things in similar ways on different company platforms. That means I want to be able to play a DVD I create on M$ on a Mac.

Is that too much to ask for??

I don’t think so!!

There will be no winners in the format wars, not even the consumers, until these companies agree to create industry standards for the betterment of the industry.