Has any good come from this??

If you are looking for a good, but frightening read, hop on over to this site which provides the 9/11 Commission’s report in its entirety.

I haven’t read it yet, and am not sure if I will. I feel that, while the commission is a good idea, it was totally outrageous to make their report due mere months before the election. This is a topic that I feel that shouldn’t place the burden of partisan politics on the supposed non-partsian committee members.

Let’s get real!! No matter what way it’s spinned as this has become an political/election issue when it shouldn’t be. MANY people died in those awful attacks and I find it shameful for either side (left or right) to make the lives lost and the way they died a way to get more votes or take away votes.

We as a country DO need to find what went wrong and what could’ve been prevented, BUT it should be done in a way that honors and respects the lives that were lost on that fateful day and following. I do not believe that making a committee play politics, whether they knew or not, this close to the election was respecting those who died.

Also, I do not know if we, as a country, got the answers we needed and desired to better defend ourselves in the future.

Has any good come from this??

I sure hope so.