I was thinking…

I was thinking at work today about the NYT article I posted this morning about John Kerry / Howard Dean. In it, at the top, it mentions that Kerry this going to announce first to his email subscribers that they will be the first ones to find out about his VP nod.

While it is an interesting proposition, one must note that he is merely copying techniques derived from his political rival in the primaries, Howard Dean. Dean is basically the father of Internet campaigning. It is merely a foolish move in his part because you are only reaching a select few voters through that email list. It would be more benficial of for him to hold a press conference and inviting the media to announce the nod. He will get much more publicity if he does a press conference because that way he gets coveted leading sound bytes on the evening and primetime cable and network shows.

I admit that this will cause a lot of media coverage but what good is coverage if you can’t use it as a platform for your election to your advantage??

But John… Don’t take my advice. I’m sure George will still invite you to his party next January on Capitol Hill.