Jelly Bellies

I think mentioned awhile back about my fixation with Jelly Belly jelly beans…

Anyway, shortly after I wrote that post I went to visit the closest Jelly Belly ‘distributor’ in Bedford. I will not mention names because of the following comments. When I went into the store I understand, after asking, that they were sold for $2.95 / pound with a four pound minimum. This sounded odd to me but I went ahead and got them because $12 is not that much I thought to spend.

Much to my horror, She rang them up at $6.95 which brought the total to around $30. At this point I was doing somersaults in my stomach. On one hand I thought real quickly I could buy them and suck it up or I could say no thanks and look like a complete bafoon.

Guess which one I did??

I became the proud owner of $30 worth of Jelly Bellies.

This wasn’t bad until I found out that their wasn’t a limit at other places but the price was the same. To say the least I feel that this establishment duped a customer in a severely disrespectful way, since I clearly heard that there was a four pound limit.

At least now I have a good story to tell to break the ice!!! 🙂