JibJab Sued

According to CNN/Money, the produccers of the hit political parody, This Land, are being sued by the owners of “This Land is Your land” for improper use. The Richmond Organization, who holds the song’s copyright, asserts that JibJab has improperly used the song, that this parody “puts a completely different spin on the song”, and that the damage is “huge”. JibJab, counters by saying that “We consider it a case of political satire and parody and therefore entitled to the fair use exemption of the copyright act.”

(More on this can be found on the CNN/Money site.)

I find this to be a ridiculous basis for a lawsuit. Everybody knows what the song implies, and nobody is disputing that. Every school kid in america will still learn the “traditional” version of “This Land”. I doubt they will ever teach the kids in schools to learn the Jib Jab version.

Political parodies, and even political ads, have always used popular songs to illustrate their point. This case is no different. If we stop these two Jib Jab brothers from creating parodies, everybody needs to stop. i don’t claim to know anything legal about this incidence, but I do know that people understand that this (jibjab) version does not represent the original version.

C’MON PEOPLE!!! – Laugh a little bit!!!

(Thanks to my friend, BK, who pointed this out to me…)