Let’s get Foxxy…

I just made a comment about this in response to a LostRemote blurb.

The article mentioned is basically a slam by Jeff Zucker, a NBC executive, against Fox for copying its (NBC’s) reality shows. While I don’t take offense to this bashing of Fox’s reality shows and actually detest Fox’s reality and find them deplorable, I do take offense at the following quote by Zucker:

`Quite frankly, they (Fox) used to be innovators and now they’re imitators”

Zucker had no right to ever think that Fox has ever been a network that has thrived on innovation. Granted they have two good shows that they conceived, (“24”, and “The Jury”). Most of their shows and all of their reality based shows, except for American Idol, The Simpsons, and Malcom in the Middle, I consider to be the bottom of the barrel, as for content and entertainment value. (I guess those last two things are all that matter in the world of TV shows.)

Please help me out if I’m missing something here folks!!

They just lack innovation!!! That’s the bottom line.