Spam me this…

I get so fustrated sometimes… Those regulars to the site may have notice that a couple days ago almost every story had a few pieces of spam comments in them. When you have a 100+ articles that comes to about 300 or so pieces of spam inudated as comments.

In the past couple of months I have taken measures to combat this problem and when I run the program it works… When I don’t run it it doesn’t work.

Why have we come to a point in our world when we have to force our messages down the throats of listeners?? Why can’t we all just give our message to those who want to listen instead of those who don’t want to listen? Why do we something that has a negative effect on our original intention? Why can’t we all grow up and act mature in a technological world? Why must we build safeguards into our everyday lives to protect ourselves from this incredible nuisance?

Advertising is out of control. Nobody in the tech world can respect advertising the same they might have ten years ago. We have grown to distrust our advertisers just by the content and the presentation.

Open Note To Advertisers: Don’t mess with us anymore. We’re finding to block your obtrusive means. We have blockup poppers, we have blacklists, we’re ready to take you on. All we ask is that you clean up your act and be respectful to our eyes in the way you present your message. We hold the key to your success.

You can either take it or leave it!!