Only in Vincennes, Indiana…

Disclaimer: I swear to you this truly happened.

A friend and I were walking back to the CCF house from a Christmas service at Maria Creek Chapel on the campus of Vincennes University. As we neared the edge of campus, where they’re building the new recreational center, an ambulance, with no sirens, pulled up to where we were walking in the street. The driver went on to ask us how to get Vigo (residence) Hall. (aka: asking for directions) As we explained that you would have to drive around to the other side of campus, he asked if he could drive up on the brick walkway.

One can assume two things from that encounter:

1) The ambulance was responding to an emergency call and had no clue where they were going
2) Were totally ignorant of the fact that emergency vehicles have an obvious right-of-way to the brick student walkways.

There is only one place, I believe, in the entire world that an ambulance would stop you while walking and ask you for directions. If this is any measure of the emergency response services in Vincennes, I would hate to see the response time of the Vincennes FD, considering I can see the station house, two blocks away, from my door!!

The title says it all!!

  • perry

    I remember this. i still laugh everytime i think about them stopping us!