Welcome (again)

As you’re reading this, you have beared with Bogopolis.com during our darkest hour. After deleting well 20,000 ++ pieces of comment spam I finally got fed up with the Movable Type interface. I have migrated to WordPress where I can better control the flow of comments (and spam). As a result, registration will be required to post comments. This was necessary in order to limit spam. If you wish to register an anonymous comment you may, although we encourage you to register. Please use the username of ‘anon’ and a password of ‘comment’. Don’t Worry… We wil never send you junk mail (we hate it just as much as you do) and we will never sell or give away in any form any information you register with us.

Things will slowly start to change around here. We hope to incorporate many of the same features we had before and the ones we promised but never delivered. This blog will be the mainstay for the next few days as we work out the kinks.

Finally, the updates to the blog will commence shortly, with the usual.

Until next time,

Your friend and gracious host,
Tim ‘Bogus’