Broadcast nets fail on video

I’m a web guy. I understand the fact that multimedia is becoming a bigger player in today’s digital world. But television websites are becoming crazy. A few years ago it seemed that TV nets wouldn’t put video on their website because of the bandwidth issue. Now that is no long an issue, the nets seems eager to put video on their front websites.

I can see how they want to, with the novelty and all, but I say “Cut!!” It’s annoying, disgusting, and just plain obtrusive. If you’re going to show me video, give me the option to turn off or better yet allow me to turn it on when I want it on. The cable news nets have learned: Video is good but too much annoyance will only turn people away.

Make the commercials relevant. Trust me: The last thing I want is to watch is a Crest commercial on the Oscars website.

Now, what constitutes relevant commercials for the Oscars website, I leave to you.