So I moved to New York…

That’s right, I’m a New Yorker. How you ask? That’s a good question.

I personally believe that it doesn’t take much to be a New Yorker. When you live here you realize that everybody’s originally from out of town. The city doesn’t make you, your passion does. Your passion makes you a New Yorker.

Your passion to live where there’s one tree per five city blocks. Your passion to get up early in the morning and travel in the city being a sardine in a subway train. Your passion to accept that things can change in a second and everything is fluid. Your passion to try to be you and only you.

Passion makes a New Yorker.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve here, whether it be 60 years or 60 days. The spirit of a New Yorker is unique. You must be tough, resillient, and have vitality.

That being those that know me and are still reading are scratching your heads, right?