Words cannot describe this post

Do you ever cringe when watching TV? I don’t mean cringing at slight funkiness, but full blown cringing at a television show’s total lack of quality. I was watching snippets of “Skating With Celebrities” and ‘Wife Swap”, among other things, and I couldn’t help but cringe everytime I watched it. You know what I’m talking about… When you get fooled by the first impression of TV quality, get drawn in, and all of sudden it happens: You cringe beyond recognition.

The sad thing about it: We all keep coming back, giving these shows fuel for their Nielsen driven machines.

Except for “Skating With Celebrities”, which I don’t know if there’s anything more ‘cringeful’ than watching an old hasbeen of Dave Coulier (read: Joey from Fullhouse) trying to figure skate. Didn’t we get enough of him on “The Surreal Life” (let alone “Full House”)??