Cell Phone Etiquette

You know something that bothers me??

I hate when people don’t lock their cell phones. I know you’ve had it happen to you: Somebody who insists on having an open-faced cellphone (so nineties, by the way…) leaves their phone ‘unlocked’ and then it randomly dials your phone mysteriously in the person’s pocket.

I find that so annoying, because then people don’t bother answering their mis-dialed number and simply hang up. this leaves wondering if they needed to get in touch with me or if they’re in trouble. It’s especially annoying when it happens at midnight, that’s right — at midnight. Yes, it’s not something to lose sleep over — oops, I actually have — but I think open-faced cell phones can be downright annoying if a person doesn’t politely lock their phone.

Be a friend… Lock your phone.

  • ben

    I also don’t like things that happen at midnight, if I get the gist of your annoyance. Of course I’m never woken by a phone call b’c I turn mine off. Even when I had a land line I’d turn off the ringer. Sometimes I forget to turn it on the next day. Until I remember — at midnight, naturally — roused out of a dream state, compelled to get up and turn on the phone only to see that I have no messages, then spend even more time turning off the phone again, all the while losing my sleepiness. So the next few hours I just lie in bed awake having to listen to the neighbor lady periodically scream for her dog, “Here, Cody! Cody! Get over here!” I don’t know why she has to call for that dog so often. Sometimes I have to get up to take a leak at midnight. Honestly I’d rather pee the bed. I guess I blame myself for conforming to society’s idea of how it’s uncivilized to wake up in the dampness of one’s own urine. As a child I was eager to learn, but I lacked foresight. Now I can’t pee the bed if I tried. And I have.