Mount Bogus – I’m outta here…

Ok, I was outta here, meaning NYC, for the day. It’s amazing. There are times that New York gets to you. I mean, for me, there’s only so much asphalt, big buildings, loud noises, and everything in-between that a simple ‘Hoosier Home-Boy’ can take in New York.

So, on a spur of the moment decision last night, I decided to leave town for the day with some friends and take a rare New York State road trip to Bear Mountain State Park.

From what I was able to figure out, Bears are not native to this area, but in fact the area is named by the fact that the mountain range resembles the profile of a bear laying down. Honestly, I couldn’t see it.

What I left with today is a single question: What would it take to get a mountain named after me?

Tim’s Peak?? – If the price is right, I’m sure the owners would agree to a name change. Trust Me. The price will be right.

Mount Bogus? – We can all agree that this piece of real estate is in need of a hostile takeover with a new marketing campaign and a public image makeover.

Yes, I know that I’m an ambitious entreprenuer.