Undercover Cabbie

You’re never going to believe this — you might, but it will be hard.

I was near the Theatre District last night, walking towards Times Square. so, I’m walking across 8th Ave. and I almost get runover by a runaway taxi cab. For me, this wasn’t the first time that’s happened – not a big surprise, huh?

Anyway, I couldn’t believe it!! This wasn’t a normal near miss. This cabbie had to have been a bonafide uncdercover taxicab driver/police driver. Next thing I know, I hear sirens blaring and see lights flashing and this cab is actually pulling over another car. I couldn’t believe it.

Now, I didn’t stick around to see what was going on and I don’t profess to be an all-knowing New Yorker, but this definitely makes my “Top Ten Wierd Things Seen in New York” list.

See what I mean by not believing??

  • It’s true, there are undercover cabs… you can spot them by the fact that their liscence plate do not match there cab number. (they may or may not have medalions too, im not sure)

  • Administrator

    I was talking to somebody at work after I wrote this, and they said that cabs that have the letter “V” in the medallion number are actually undercover cabbies.

    It makes me wonder: Are these undercover cabbies pocketing their money or is it being funneled into the “Bloomberg ’08 Campaign Fund’?

    Just curious…

  • i’d be sure to tip extra if it were funneled into the bloomberg fund