Wedding Sponsorship

So I was talking to two my friends on Saturday and we came up with a good idea that people should incorporate into their wedding strategies, if they’re low on cash.

Wedding Sponsorship

I told Matt and Kristen that I would be willing to sponsor weddings if people would allow me to put “ :: Open Late for Insomniatic Laughs” on the back of the napkins at the recception.  They politely laughed and chuckled, but they didn’t believe me that I would do this if the opportunity presented itself.
I know a lot of you out there are thinking that that would be so tacky, but I politely disagree. I think friend/family sponsorship would be a great way for one to help pay for the wedding. Think about it: Your parents could take out full page ads in the wedding program saying, “You’re so grown up Tim. We’re proud of you. Break a leg! Love, Mom, Dad, Ben, Anna, Matt, and Rufus.” Of course this text would be written over a blown up picture of you at age 5 in your Mickey Mouse ears.
What do you guys think? What kind of advertising would you like to see at a sponsored wedding?

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  • Administrator

    I should mention that this came up after watching two exhaustive hours of “Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?” on the Style Network — Not my choice. After watching it though, the Bogus creative juices flowed…


  • Kristin

    How do you spell my name????

  • K – r – i – s – t – e – n

    K – r – i – s – t – i – n

    I’ll get it right one of these days.