:: “The Comment Friendly Blog”

So my friends were telling me < -Yes, that's right -- I do have friends. Don't give me that shock of disbelief. -> that they would like to see commenting on the site. Yes, I know it was horrid, but it could be worse.

Anyway, due to ‘popular’ demand, I have turned on commenting for all threads. Feel free to share your insight on my insights. Be careful, though, you never know when I’ll send you a shoutback.

Anyway, enjoy.

  • Tim Bogus

    it works!!!

  • Tim

    it works, doesn’t it??

  • Jim

    What about LEFT BEHIND?

  • Administrator

    What about it? I think it’s a good book and I think it has a good message, but I’m very curious where you’re going with this. You need to do some deep soul searching to figure out if you’re going to be ‘Left Behind’. You need more than Heavy Rock music to get you through life, Jim. There are answers to the questions you ponder daily… We know these questions, the question is ‘What is the Matrix?”

    Follow the white rabbit.