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Welcome to!! I’m so glad you came. There are so many things to say that will eventually come out, but there will be time for that later. If you’ve got something to say about any of the posts by all means leave a comment. This blog is just as much for you to reply as it is for me to write. I love hearing from my friends, here and abroad.

Until I read you in the comments, take care.

You can also drop a personal note at tim.bogus[at]

  • CTG

    I have only one question? Why the picture of the plant earth for your “friends” “abroad”? I get this mental picture of you in a “Men In Black” outfit talking to an extraterrestrial. Is there something you haven’t let us in on? (I guess it could work, you do live in New York)!

  • Matt

    Seriously can we please get more updates, i need my bogus fix. One update a week doesnt cut it.

  • Hey,

    I was just looking for old friends on myspace and found your site. It is cool to know that you my friend are doing well.
    Ciao, Mimi