:: “Where the glass is always (at least) half-full”

I always try to be optimistic. I really do. Sometimes it’s really hard, though. You know those times – the times when you bury your face in your hands and you wonder: Is this day is ever going to be over – or you think: I just need a break.

Yeah, I know, you’ve been there, I’ve been there. There’s two things my parents taught me either directly or indirectly:
Everything happens for a reason, whether or not we can see it right now.
2. It can always be worse. Period. End of Story.

Keep on truckin’… It’s going to be just fine.

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  • Lana

    Haha! Thank you Tim…i really needed to hear your Mom’s advice today. See you sunday 🙂

  • ‘The Bogus’

    Hi Lana. Good to see you’ve made it to!

    See you soon.