Great Time Waster

Being in the IT profession, I’m always looking for cool uses of technology.  Today I came across this cool flight simulator that’s a google maps ‘mashup’.  It definitely ranks high on my ‘time-waster’ list for those times I just can’t concentrate during the day at, ummm..,  ‘home’.

It basically allows you to ‘fly’ a bi-plane over cool cities using satellite photos available from Google.  I definitely reccomend this to anyone who is looking to enjoy a few minutes of serenity.

If anybody flies over New York and actually find New York, let me know how to get to the city.  I tried driving due south, but I couldn’t find any landmarks.  Being from ‘out-of-town’ I’m not that up to snuff on northern NYC/Jersey landmark.  Maybe some of my native friends can help me out here…