I can’t believe I did this…

Some will call me a hypocrite, and they have a very strong case to make. I have taken the plunge and joined the masses in getting a My Space account. Yes, that’s right. Bogus has gone to the dark side.

There was a time not so long ago that I told people there were distinct reasons I was not on My Space. You see, I grew up in a world (high school) where I judged my self-worth on the amount of ‘friends’ I had. I vowed to never go back to that, but yet here I stand, once again.

I’m counting on you to be my friend and add me to your My Space as a friend, and me as yours.

So, go ahead and visit me on My Space. Bogopolis.com will remain here, just as it is, always providing you with daily laughs. Think of my My Space as ‘extension’ of Bogopolis.com. You’ll finally be able to see the face behind the computer. How about that for laughs?