Props and Pop Culture

Props to my friend Brian.

His television tastes are ‘supremo good’. Now, you see, it’s funny how things work. This past week he mentioned that he really enjoyed the VH1 hit, World Series of Pop Culture, and I have to admit I was dubious of whether it was a good show.

Two nights ago, however, I was able to catch the last two episodes of the show and I have to admit that it was a really good and I wish I would’ve gotten sucked in earlier. I’ve always been intrigued by the programming that VH1 offers, now I’m sad I missed the series. I think the thing that intrigued me this time was that the show is actually ‘cool’, something I can identify with. Oh well, there’s always reruns, I guess.

I especially liked the names of the two teams showcased in the final episode:The Boeghys and El Chupacabra. More on those names later…