Read First Before Assembly

Sometimes we lose focus about we’re doing.

Sometimes I lose focus about what I’m doing.

Yesterday I had an opportunity to assist in something totally awesome. My church sponsored a day that was titled “Love NY Day”. the purpose of this day was to show people in New York City that God loves them by handing out small gifts.

This got me thinking: As a Christian I have a responsibility to do this every day.

(That is to show the people around me that God loves them and them to be a part of his family.)

Not just one day of the year but every day of the year. The sad thing is I’m not doing everything that I need to be doing as a Christian. There are so many opportunities everyday to reach people, to make their day by doing something simple. Many times we, including myself, ignore these opportunities in search of our personal pursuit.

Something I’ve realized this weekend: Forget about yourself! Forget about the clothes, foreget about the new ipod, even forget about that job promotion. (You are not the center of the universe!)

Can you imagine what would happen, if only a small part of this world turned their focus from themselves and invested in others?

Imagine that for a second…

See what I mean?

I could tell of you countless times when my day was made by a simple laugh or ten minutes on the phone with a friend. What may seem like an inconvenience to you may be what that friend of yours needs. I want to change, I have a feeling you want to change too. The only way this will work, is if we invite God into the process and allow him to mold us.

Join me, let’s make this place something better, something less about us and something more along the lines that I feel God wanted this ‘gift’ to be.

  • Matt

    Very good Bogus… nice post. No sarcasm today.

  • Matt

    I like to hand out small gifts to ppl everyday. I’ve done it for years. Usually it helps with the person’s general apperance, attitude, or pleasantness around others. Some may say, “Matt, why do you hand out advice to ppl who never asked for it?” I tell them,”Its not advice, its motivation.” And while they didnt ask for it, I could tell that they needed it. Isnt that what its all about: giving those less fortunate what they need, not what will keep them dragging down society?