Watch this…

So, I have had the ability to watch a couple of new television shows before they even air.

You can say I’m a drama junkie, because I am. I love watching CSI, House, etc. However one show that I believe has much promise after watching it is, Shark. This is basically a drama about a lawyer, turned DA who is brilliant and clever at winning case after case.

Also, you may have heard about the two shows that are docu-dramas/comedies based loosely on Saturday Night Live, ironically both on NBC. I was able to watch Studio 60 on Sunset Strip on AOL. I definitely reccomend the show. Featuring greats, Matthew Perry (Friends), Bradley Whitford (West Wing), and writer Aaron Sorkin (West Wing), this show, I believe, is more of a drama of SNL than the other “30 Rock”. I think has much potential and I look forward to it becoming a favorite on my Tivo-like DVR device.

Whatever you like to watch, I encourage you to experiment with TV shows:

If you watch comedies, try dramas.

If you like dramas, try comedies.

It never hurts to try one or two new shows. Think of this way, eventually your ‘blessed lineup’ will leave – It’s always good to have a backup.

Thank you and Good night.

  • Matt

    Buddy, thanks for the tv tips. But you left out my favorite category, porn. Do the same rules apply? Ive been watching soft core straight porn for years now. Should i switch to hard core lesbian porn? Please advise, i cant wait to hear your suggestions.

  • Kristin

    what’s the point of soft core porn?

  • Matt

    The point of soft core is the great story lines you dont necessarily get with hard core porn. You should know that, you love porn.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    You see… I just don’t get the point of your fascination of soft core porn.

    We need to have a discussion about this, Matt. I would reccomend some viewing changes.

    You guys should really watch more wholesome entertainment, ‘Survivor’ perhaps?? Or my new favorite of the season, Stuido 60 on the Sunset Strip.