Props to Chili, may we never part…

Wow, is it fall already? It seems just like yesterday that i was basking in the sun by the side of the pool, in perfect, calm and cool 80 degree weather. Oh wait a minute, that was only two months ago in beautiful San Diego. Not exactly in New York, in fact when i got back it was the first time I noticed Fall starting to creep in.

Anyway, I digress…

So, fall is definitely in season with the changing of the leaves, (holding hands, with heather of course, on) cool autumn nights, and of course football and Chili.

Why football and chili, you ask??

ForeFront had their 2nd annual Fall Festival this past week and first time had a chili cookoff.

I had the pleasure to judge the competing entires. I’ve seen many chili’s in my day. There have been good chilis, bad chilis, and chilis with every thing except the kitchen sink in them (no comment).

I was very happy to judge all of the very good entries that Forefront produced yesterday. They produced several very interesting chili concoctions.

Anyway, we at are giving props to a very important food group: Chili.

If it weren’t for you Chili, where would we be on cool autumn days or cold winter nights?
Next week will be giving props to two sub-groups that back up Chili: Sour Cream and Cheddar Cheese.

  • supermom amanda

    ah yes….chili….i remember the chili cookoff @ CCF….patton, we will never forget you