We Interrupt this broadcast…

Hi guys.

Things have been busy lately in ‘Bogopolis land’. My family was in town two weeks ago, I went camping last weekend, works been (extremely) busy these past few weeks, and…

I’ve got a girlfriend!!!

Five weeks ago (today) Heather Dawn and I officially decided to start dating and the last five weeks I can honestly have been very, very exhilarating!! A young buck still has much too learn, but I enjoy the time I spend with Heather and i enjoy being able to share life on a more personal level.

I have some big plans for the end of the year, regarding Bogopolis.com, so stay tuned for those. Updates will occur more frequently, especially at the end of the month when I am taking my first, real, official vacation!

Indiana Baby!!

You’ll see and read more over the next while. I hope to be able give you much more insight in to the little world I call ‘Bogopolis Land’.

Until next time,

Remember the FRESH Bread and the REAL butter!!