What does Bogopolis mean?

Many people have asked me, “Tim, what does Bogopolis mean?”

“Is it a place?”

“Is it a name?”

Well, *Junior*…. I’m using Junior in the place of somebody’s name…

I’m glad you asked. You see there was a time I was searching for myself. I was looking for an identity. I was in high school and I was just beginning to harness ‘the power of the Bogus’.

It’s hard to understand how I came up with the name. It’s to figure out what it means.

I’m not quite sure what it means.

I think for all of us, Bogopolis represents our individuality – our ability to say “We are different!”

Bogopolis doesn’t just refer to my last name, although I have to admit that having the last name of Bogus inspired me to choose Bogopolis.com, it refers to the sense in all of us that we strive to be different.

Like most things that seem like there should be clear answers, Junior, this question does not have a clear answer.

Bogopolis.com :: Where some things make sense, and other things just ‘float’ on by

  • supermom amanda

    who cares what bogopolis means? i mean, it is just a cool place for you to express who you are and for others to comment on your life and ideas. it makes you feel good about yourself and that is all that matters. love ya lots….Dr B!

  • ben

    My name is Junior.

  • Lt Bogus

    I think Bogopolis is what the world will be when I spread my seed to every living woman on the planet. Just kidding.

  • brittany

    Hello Tim Bogus… I figured maybe if I write on your professional site, I might have better luck getting a response instead of myspace. Gosh darnit tim, i miss ya! But its okay, i’m coming to visit reallll soon:) I hope life is going well in the big city… have a great day when you get this!

    ps. I think you needed to make an entry about your visit to Indiana…come on, the corn state deserves some love too!!!