Parent hood – or ’something’ close to that

I showed up to my laundry facility to partake in my weekly Saturday routine of dropping the laundry off to be cleaned. When I got there, however, they were closed due to electrical problems.

This found me between a rock and a hard because here I had a large amount of laundry, few ‘fresh’ clothes left, and nowhere to wash.

What was I to do? – Where was I to go? – What was I to where?

Thankfully, I live to New York , where the number of laundry facilities is almost proportionate to the number of Starbucks on every corner.

So, I found myself taking my laundry to a new cleaning facility for the first time, signing the release forms, trusting my laundry to a person who I didn’t know, and wondering if I would ever see my beautiful laundry again.

My laundry is very important – almost like a child.

Or something like that.

  • Matt Bogus

    I like to treat my dirty drawers like a child too. Sometimes I’ll cuddle with them, snuggle, kiss them goodnight, breastfeed them when they are hungry…you know, the usual parenting stuff. I just cant wait until they grow up and I can play a game of catch with my soiled boxers. That’ll be great. Maybe your dirty underwear can come over and watch cartoons with mine. Just let me know. I can make it happen.

  • Matt Bogus

    Good for you though. Trusting a stranger to do your laundry. When I was in Iraq, we had Philipinos wash our laundry. It was pretty good for the most part, but they kept stealing the patches off of my uniform. At least they came out folded, packaged, and in a sealed bag. And boy, were they fresh!!!

  • ‘The Bogus’

    I’ve actually had some problems since then with my laundry. I took them back to their old school – I mean – I took my laundry to the old place which has since reopened. There were a couple problems, most prominent of which is they mixed my bag with somebody else’s…

    Agghhh!!! Will they ever get right!!

  • I lost a sock once. It was like losing the limb of a child.