The Quotable – 2006

So, here we find ourselves at the end of the year, looking back on what
was… This year was an amazing year for – it was amazing
fun writing and sharing my crazy life with you all.

I thought I would take some time, at the end of the year, to highlight
some fun posts seen throughout the year.

From Early January…

I personally believe that it doesn’t take much to be a New Yorker.
When you live here you realize that everybody’s originally from out of
town. The city doesn’t make you, your passion does. Your passion makes
you a New Yorker.

Your passion to live where there’s one tree per five city blocks. Your
passion to get up early in the morning and travel in(to) the city (while) being a
sardine in a subway train. Your passion to accept that things can change
in a second and everything is fluid. Your passion to try to be you and
only you.

Passion makes a New Yorker.

My Poker Skills…

Ok. So I’m not good at poker. I know this, and yes, my friends know it.

Trust me.

I just got done again being the first one out. I *was* doing good, honestly. But, you know it’s hard to risk an ace pair, when somebody forces you to go all in. How could I resist that? Could you resist that? Nor could I.

Now if I wouldn’t have convinced another player to go all in as well. As it turns out he had the high card and I didn’t.

OK. So, I’m not good at poker.

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Honorable Mentions

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Fruitiness (and not the nut cake kind)

Agree, disagree? Let Me Know:

  • ben

    Nice highlights from the past year. Although you are “looking back at what was,” not all of us are moving on. In fact, I have been and will continue to live each day as if it’s March 5, 2004. I had been unemployed for about 3 months and my money was running out. I thought about looking for a job and then went back to bed. I don’t see any reason to abandon that. It’s like “Groundhog Day,” perpetually stuck in the same 24 hour period. Almost three years later, I’ve become a jazz pianist and I use that talent to get women to fall in love with me for a few hours. Hope looking forward works out for you.