Top ‘Five’ Christmas Movies

Ahhhh… Christmas time. Time for turkey, seeing relatives, relaxing and watching those good ‘ole Christmas favorites. I’ve shared a few of mine after the jump (follow the link). Once you’re done reading be sure to share some of yours with me as well.

1 – Christmas Vacation

This classic acts as a humorous holiday pain reliever, a pressure release valve when dealing with family situations. Besides being my favorite movie of all time, this movie, from the eighties time capsule, showcases Chevy Chase in his true fashion before he got all cynical and grumpy. Part of the National Lampoon series, this movie is appropriate for families to watch together after the turkey has been carved and the naps have been taken. This movie is an excellent choice for those families who feel the ‘relational chaos’ at Christmas time or for people who simply desire to re-energize their holiday spirit with a few laughs.

2 – A Christmas Story

What can I say about this movie? To describe this movie will undoubtedly serve s an injustice no matter what words are penned. If you’ve never seen this movie – I’m shocked and I believe you should see it right away. I don’t quite know what Christmas would be without the 24-hour marathon of this movie on TBS and/or TNT and the ‘non-stop’ references to the RedRider BB Gun.

You’ll shoot your eye out kid!

3 – It’s a wonderful life

This Jimmy Stewart classic serves as an eternal year-round reminder for me that “it’s not about us” For those of you who haven’t seen this classic 50’s (40’s?) black & white, the movie follows the story of a banker in the 1920’s who looses everything in the stock market crash due to the unintelligent actions of his uncle. Essentially George is just about to jump off a bridge when an angel intercedes and shows George exactly what the lives of those around him would be like if he hadn’t been born. What he sees is not pretty and eventually realizes even if he’s at the ‘bottom of the barrel’ there’s still many people around him who love him and most importantly that life is not entirely not about him.

4 – Back to the Future – Parts I, II, and/or III

Yes, I know that this is not a Christmas movie, but it seems to fit in that category due to the fact that it is always on at Christmas time. Some channel, sometime I guarantee that Back to the Future will be on this extended weekend. Watch it – I know you’ll love it!

You can take my word on it – That’s the Bogopolis guarantee.

5- Your pick

At my house around Christmas time, movie watching is a family thing and us Bogus’, well let’s just say we become passionate at times about what we want to watch – and when I say “we” – I mean me. Let me hear what your pick is for your favorite holiday movies.

  • Matt

    I didnt see back to the future on this weekend. Do i get my money back since you guaranteed it was going to be on.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    The only thing I guaranteed that was that you’d see it (if you were watching…). There’s obviously room for ‘human error’. 🙂

    You see, I can’t account for the variances in human viewing patterns… I rightfully say that I did indeed see it on the USA network, Christmas evening, I believe.


  • Matt

    Maybe where you were they were showing it but i didnt see it in Syracuse. I want my money back.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    Ummm, Matt…

    I hate to break this to you, but no money actually changed hands.

    In fact, is an ‘at will’ service and requires no commitment whatsoever on the side of both parties, the USER (you) and the ADMINISTRATOR (me).

    (Note to Self: Maybe we should draft some legal and privacy policies…)


  • Kristin

    Tim- I would be happy to offer my legal services to draft said documents.

  • Tim.Bogus

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