Fly JetBlue

So I just got back from a ‘sunny’ trip to Florida and would like to share some thoughts about my recent trip on the airline. I’ve never been a big fan of airlines, especially when it comes to the customer service that most airlines provide. However when I flew JetBlue this past weekend, it was absolutely wonderful. By far, they provide the best customer service by any airline out there.

  • 36 channels of DirecTV on both flights… (They’ll even provide free headphones if you don’t have them.
  • A full can of Soda during the in-flight ‘snack time’.
  • A small bag of peanuts – that’s for the weaklings… I can choose between 4-5 different snack offerings… Doritos, yummmm.
  • Plus, they do hold true to their Customer Bill of Rights.

Yeah, they’ve had their fair share of troubles but which airline doesn’t from time to time? I personally believe that it’s how the airline treats it’s customers in the end – and in that area Jet Blue gets a solid ‘B’. There’s room for improvement, but it’s better than the other airlines and their penny-pinching ‘half-can of soda and stale pretzel tricks’.

  • MBogus

    I remember the flight coming back from Iraq. The whole ordeal lasted about 12 hours due to all the stops: Germany, Ireland, Maine, and then Ft. Campbell. But I had some of the best service on that flight than I’ve had on any other. Whatever we needed, we got. They even made a pot of fresh coffee because I asked for a cup and they didn’t have any made yet. I cant remember the name of the airline, but it was awesome. I imagine it to be just like that. Only a lot shorter flight of course.

  • MBogus

    How was Florida? Jim n Jody doing good?

  • ben

    I can’t get a full can of pop even in my *house.* And I can’t fly anywhere in my house either.

  • ‘The Bogus’

    Florida was awesome!

    Ben, that soda problem is your own. As far as the flying thing: jumping off of the bed and hoping you’ll fly doesn’t count as flying.

    Cheers, my friends…