How will you celebrate St Paddy’s Day?

Our previous St. Patrick’s Day post has inspired me to become more interested in the St. Patrick’s Day holiday.

This Saturday I will be attending a coffee house at a friend’s house in Jersey and I need your help:

How can you make coffee green?
– Yes, that’s right I want to know how to make green coffee.

Can any of you help me? Post your suggestions in the comments.

Also, tell us how you plan on showing you Irish heritage to celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day holiday (besides the typical bar hopping of course…).

  • MBogus

    It wont taste good, but it just might work. My idea starts with the basic fact that blue and yellow create green. So, my first ingredient would be toilet bowl cleaner. Its the only liquid I know to be a good enough blue. Next, you’d have to find a liquid that is yellow. HMM. I wonder, where could I find a readily available yellow liquid. HMM. Think about it. But would you really want to do that to your coffee? I wouldnt. The dark brown nature of the coffee would make color changing difficult. For real though, you might have to add lots of creamer to make the color lighter and easier to change. As far as the green goes, I have no idea. Anna might have some ideas, being that she experiments with cooking quite a bit. Good Luck.

  • Green Goblin

    i am so proud of you bogopolis. you are the best person a person could ever be. green coffee, though? C’mon…ur kidding, right? ur so funny. so cute. oops…letting the cat out of the bag there…gotta go. feeling blue. any chance you know how to make coffee blue?

  • ‘The Bogus’

    1st off – Matt: “that’s just wrong…”

    Green Coffee, why not??

    yeah, I know it’d just be weird to have, but let’s face it: We live in a society where weird is the norm. We’re allowed to have green cookies, donuts – green hats, green suits – green cake, green faces – well you get the point.

    In a world where St. Patrick’s Day has become a commercialized, beer-guzzling, overdressed excuse for a day long holiday, why can’t we have green coffee.

    Yes, it’s quite disturbing: almost as tantalizing and tasty as green bread.